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Over 30 Years of
Manufacturing Experience

Our founder, Mark W Richards, has been manufacturing products since August 1990. Everything from plastic liners to high-performance bass boats to specialty packaging.

Today you can find Mark and his team developing products for larger customers including Amazon and other web retailers. A unique twist on product development is that our company does early market manufacturing to prove a product can be successful on the market.

To be able to do this cost-effectively and compete with low wage Asian factories, our facility has to run very lean. And we have developed some very lean tools that allow us to economically manufacture products and parts in small batches in the USA.

Welding has always been a pain point. Human welders are considered skilled tradesmen. And there is a shortage of these folks in the USA. They are hard to find and when you do find them, they command a hefty hourly rate. But here is the rub, statistically a human welder is only productive (productive means actually arc on welding) less than 18% of the time! 

This means that parts cost more than they should. 

So we took a different strategy with welding and went 100% robotic. We are seeing productivity (arc on) rates of over 73%. This was a game-changer for us and we can make it one for you too. Perfect parts, small batches, lower costs. 

We are experts at welding with robots. We are experts at programming them quickly and efficiently. And we are experts at developing robot-friendly fixtures so that the first part and all subsequent parts are exactly the same. 

Perfectly welded parts. On time. Every time. 
Have parts that need to be welded or fabricated? Contact us today and let's get started.

Mark W Richards, Founder

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