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We Manufacture 
Weldments and Welded Parts

If your parts, project or product requires welding, then we are your ideal solution. 

Perfectly Welded Parts.

On Time, Every Time, Exactly As Promised

Is This You?

You need parts made that require welding. Your current supplier, or the ones you have reached out to, are quoting big $'s, long lead times, or refusing to quote at all.


Have you ever wondered why?

It's because while other companies may offer welding as a service, it is not their core focus. Like many in the industry, they are struggling to find competent welders or maybe they just have a guy on the floor that welds "as needed". 

Adding to the misery, most human welders are only productive 18% of the time they are supposed to be welding! So weldments and welded parts have become expensive and come with long and unreliable lead times.

Why Should You Pay More for a Lousy 18% Efficiency?

You shouldn't. We know, because at one time we struggled with the same issues. Out of that frustration, WeWeld was born. 

We solved the 18% efficiency issue by finding and investing in robotic welding technologies and systems that raise that 18% efficiency to over 73%! As a result, we have become experts at welding parts with robots. And we can use that knowledge and our investment to help you with your project, parts and weldments.


With a Welding First Focus and a commitment and investment in robotic welding, we are your best solution for weldments and welded parts. 

Let's Make Some Sparks Fly!
With a welding-first mindset, WeWeld is your ideal source for weldments and welded metal parts fabrication. While most metal fabrication companies reluctantly offer welding as a service, we have made it our primary focus.

We Offer...

Fast Lead Times
Low Minimums
Consistent, Certifiable Welds

We Weld Parts With Robots

Instead of relying on a shrinking pool of skilled welders, we have invested in and focus exclusively on robotic welding. We are experts at quickly programming our robots to weld parts with precision and consistency that cannot be duplicated with a human welder. Coupled with our fast fixturing systems we can be running your parts within minutes, not hours.

So now you can get the consistency and reliability of parts welded by a robot but with a lower batch size and cost.
Do you have parts that need to be welded? If so, contact us today.

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